Crucification: Transforming Power of the Cross
Revd John Lin 12/05/2019 Series #39 Download
Jesus Messiah: The Suffering Servant
Revd John Lin 05/05/2019 Series #38 Download
Are we weeping for the souls of men?
Revd John Lin 28/04/2019 Download
Restoration Sunday
Revd Bernard Yee 21/04/2019 Resurrection Sunday Download
Emptied himself, Humbled himself
Revd John Lin 18/04/2019 Maundy Thursday Download
Jesus Messiah: The Victorious King
Revd John Lin 14/04/2019 Series #37 Download
The God who Laughs
Bishop Kuan 12/04/2019 Lenten #2 Download
The God who Weeps
Bishop Kuan 11/04/2019 Lenten #1 Download
Feeding of the Five Thousand
Mr Patrick Koh 07/04/2019 Download
God is always The Way
Pastor Fu-man 06/04/2019 Download
Jesus Messiah: The Son of Man
Revd John Lin 31/03/2019 Series #36 Download
Jesus Messiah: The Son of God
Revd John Lin 24/03/2019 Series #35 Download
The Suffering wounded Servant
Revd John Lin 17/03/2019 Series #34 Download
New Covenant: New Heart and New Spirit
Revd John Lin 10/03/2019 Series #33 Download
Messianic hope proclaimed by the Prophets
Revd John Lin 03/03/2019 Series #32 Download
Seeing the Messiah in the Psalms
Revd John Lin 24/02/2019 Series #31 Download
Renewing the People’s Hearts
Revd John Lin 17/02/2019 Series #30 Download
Rebuilding the Jerusalem City Walls
Revd John Lin 10/02/2019 Series #29 Download
Proclaim the One Name who gives Hope
Revd John Lin 03/02/2019 Download
Restoring the Jerusalem Temple
Revd John Lin 27/01/2019 Series #28 Download
Comfort, O Comfort My People
Revd John Lin 20/01/2019 Series #27 Download
Broken walls, Departed glory, Exilic discipline
Revd John Lin 13/01/2019 Series #26 Download
Raise up the Coming Generation
Revd John Lin 06/01/2019 Covenant Download
Living with Right Priorities
Revd John Lin 30/12/2018 Download
Great is the measure of our Father’s love
Revd John Lin 25/12/2018 Christmas Download
A Thrill of Hope
Revd John Lin 23/12/2018 Christmas Download
The Works of Faith
Pastor Fu-man 16/12/2018 Download
The First Christmas Day
Ds Lena Lim 09/12/2018 Download
When Was the Last Time You Told Someone about Jesus
Revd Peter Chen 02/12/2018 Download
Do you SPA?
Pastor Richard Ting 25/11/2018 MEM Download
Love not Hate: Christians under Persecution
Canon Dr Patrick Sookhdeo 18/11/2018 MEM Download
The Cry of Faith; the Call to Obedience
Mr Daniel Wong 11/11/2018 MEM Download
Missions: Christ’s mandate, Gospel focus and our life journey
Mr Tang Shin Yong 04/11/2018 MEM Download
God’s discipline: Fall of northern kingdom Israel
Revd John Lin 28/10/2018 Download
God’s messengers: Remember, Repent, Return
Revd John Lin 21/10/2018 Download
Good Teacher, what must I do … ?
Bishop John Chew 14/10/2018 Confirmation Download
Fulfilling Our Call as the Antioch of Asia
Revd Lewis Lew 07/10/2018 Download
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