Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

freshly varnished flooring …

….  clear projection

smooth bass-y sound system

TA-DAH! Check out our newly renovated Patmos Hall

after months of planning, weeks of manual hardwork and loads of cleaning, our Patmos Hall now has a new look! Praise GOD

altar table

oooh… the carvings on the altar table are the same as those in the Sanctuary


Well almost all in the Patmos Hall is new… there are certain things which are still around, preserved and wonderfully used! just like our small altar table cross.

Praise God for all the minds, hearts and hands who were used to bring about this fresh and new look of our Patmos Hall. May the Lord continue to use this place for His glory and we who are blessed with this place, be faithful in using it for the best of God’s glory.

10 16 Oct 2009 - New Patmos Hall1