Christian Education
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“Christian Education is not an option, it is an order; it is not a luxury, it is a Life. It is not something nice to have, it is something necessary to have. It is not a part of the work of the Church, it is the work of the Church. It is not extraneous, it is necessary. It is our obligation, not a mere option.” – Dr. Howard Hendricks

The Aims of Christian Education 1. Making God’s Word available and getting everyone into contact with the Word. 2. Teaching the whole counsel of God and not concentrating on certain teachings or doctrine. 3. Let the people be grounded, anchored upon God so that when they go through the storms of life, they will not be helpless. 4. Having a workable knowledge of God’s Word and the know how to incorporate and apply it into their lives. 5. Building and preparing our members for the works of service and for the Second Coming of Jesus Christ.

The Christian Education Studies consists: 1. Book Study 2. Topical Study 3. Doctrinal Study 4. Life Issues 5. Current Issues 6. Language Study

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The Tribute Programme is for those who have deiced to give one year of their working life to serve God in a full-time capacity. Participants will be sent to one of the ministries to serve. In addition to serving, the participants is also encouraged to gain a wider perspective on ministry work, as well as to crystallise his/her calling from God.

Project Serve
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Project Serve was conceived to give students who have completed their ‘O’ and ‘A’ level examinations an outlet for their tremendous energy. Through a personalised training programme, participants pick up a variety of skills including Bible knowledge and practical ministry skills. The duration of the programme may vary depending on the participants’ acceptance into tertiary institutions of learning.