Children Ministry

For more information, please contact Pastor Loon Fu-Man at fuman(at)

Kids for Christ

Saturday  4.30pm (Patmos Hall)

Sunday 9.00am (Agape Room)

Kids for Christ aims to help children discover and have an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ. It is a Sunday School programme catering to children from ages 7-12. Children are taught through a variety of activities including Bible stories, Object Lessons that impart values using everyday materials, and personal follow-up sessions.

Little Lambs

Saturday  4.30pm (2nd Level – Peace Room, Agape Room)

Sunday 9.00am (2nd Level – Peace Room)

We have approximately 25 to 30 children in the Little Lambs ministry. They are between 2 to 5 years old and 3 teams of dedicated teachers rotate to teach them every 3 months. It is a privilege to serve in this ministry and the little ones bring great joy to the teachers. They are very observant and eager to learn. It is also encouraging for the teachers to receive positive feedback from parents as they see their children put into practice what has been taught in the classes. Please continue to pray that these little ones will grow in their faith as they know more about God each week. May each one be a blessing to their families and to the church community.