2018 Church Retreat 牧区联合家庭营






3 – 6 June 2018  |  6 3 6 2018

Retreat Speaker: Revd Canon Yee Ching Wah

Session 1 – PAUSE to LOOK   第一堂专题  – 稍息查看

Sermon#1 recording (mp3)

Introduction  引言

People don’t look at where they are going  人们不看他们要去哪里

  1. Common Habits 常见的习性
    a) Follow the crowd 隨波逐流
    b) Impulsive desire 冲动的欲望
    c) Too Busy to Think 太忙,无暇思索

Context of Jer 6:16    耶利米书 6:16 的背景

“Stand at the crossroads and look;
ask for the ancient paths,
ask where the good way is, and walk in it,
and you will find rest for your souls.”  NIV


    2. Three Heart Conditions to Repent from   三个需要悔改的内心状况

a)    A Harden Heart – a life of delusion   一个刚硬的心 – 迷惑妄想的生命
Antidote:  Confession 解药: 悔改

b)    A Numbed Heart – a life of routines  一个麻木的心 –  一成不变的生命
Antidote:  Thankfulness 解药: 感恩

c)    A Distracted Heart – a life of unchecked desires   一个漂浮的心 欲望不受约束的生命
Antidote:  Worship 解药:敬拜

Session 2 – ASK EARNESTLY    第二堂专题  恳切地求问

Sermon#2 recording (mp3)

Ancient versus Modern 古代与现代

1. Be Humble to Ask  谦卑地求问
Acknowledge that you are lost   承认你是迷失的
Acknowledge that you do not understand    承认你不明白

2. Seek the Way   寻找那道路
   What is the Ancient Path?   古道是什么?
   I am the Way, the truth and the life     我是道路、真理和生命

3. Bold to Venture  勇于探索
   Desperate to know   渴望知道
   Desire to discover    渴望发掘

Session 3 – WALK PURPOSEFULLY     第三堂专题  有目标性地行走

Sermon#3 recording (mp3)

Plane crash – Power but no lift     飞机失事 – 有力量却不能上升

Walking in the Spirit   与圣灵同行

  1. Set Your Minds on Things Above    以天上的事为念
  2. Put to Death the Flesh    置肉体于死地
  3. Keep in Step with the Spirit   保持与圣灵同步

Session 4 – REST IN WORK   第四堂专题  在工作中得安息

Sermon#4 recording (mp3)

Secret of scaling mountains   登山的秘诀

Rest for your soul       Jer 6:16; Matt 11:28-29
你的灵要安息              耶利米书 6:16; 马太福音 11: 28-29

  1. Pay Attention to your Emotional Health    注意你的情绪健康
  2. Pace Your Rest as you work    工作中调整休息的步伐
    Come to Me    到我这里来
    Take My yoke and learn from Me    负我的轭,学我的样式
  3. Trust God to Protect your time    信靠上帝以保守时间
    Believe in Me   信靠我