7th February 2010

While fetching my son home from school, I was amazed at the number of drivers talking on their mobile phones without a handsfree kit on the road. Do they not know the penalty if they were caught doing so? If they can afford a phone, surely they can afford a handsfree kit as well, which, by the way, is very affordable. In case you do not know:

 A first-timer convicted of phone and drive offence shall be liable to 12 demerit points and a maximum fine of up to $1000/- or to imprisonment for a term not exceeding 6 months or both. He/She may also be disqualified from driving. The offender’s handphone and SIM card will be seized to facilitate investigation. These may be forfeited by the court upon conviction.

Then again, many people are informed of the hell that they will be in if they do not know Christ. Yet, they refuse to accept him as Saviour. They will try to circumvent the truth, bend the truth, reinterpret the truth and find other excuses to suit their ways. Every other way they will try, except for really coming to faith in Jesus Christ. It is a very sad situation that the human beings are in.

We must learn to recognise the truth; more importantly to face up to it. This does not just apply to accepting Jesus as Saviour. It applies to living out the life that is worthy of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Do not attempt to use catch-phrases (cultural mandate, modern generation, archaic beliefs) to try and get around the truth without following it. God is not fooled. He did tell us that we are in the world but not of the world. There are things that we cannot run from. Think about them.

Brothers and sisters, be careful how we conduct our lives. The days are drawing to a close and the return of the Lord is near. We need not worry about life itself, just how we live it.




God bless!