5 August 2018

Dear church family

Thanks be to God that preparations for “Celebration of Hope 2019” (CoH) are in full swing. This strategic evangelistic outreach was borne out of a shared vision between the church leaders of the National Council of Churches of Singapore, Evangelical Fellowship of Singapore and Love-Singapore, “for the whole church in Singapore to proclaim the One Name of Jesus Christ that gives the world Solid Hope“. This vision is of personal evangelism on a mass scale, culminating in Gospel rallies at the 50,000 capacity National Stadium over three days, 17-19 May 2019.

In line with this vision, our diocesan Bishop Rennis had highlighted three things that are on the heart of our heavenly Father. Firstly, there is a need for Brokenness in Prayer – over the poverty of our own spiritual state, and that of our church and country. Secondly, there is a need for Oneness in the Body of Christ. Thirdly, we pray for Fruitfulness in the Harvest – of spiritual lives, for more workers for the mission field, and in righteousness as we proclaim the name of Jesus.

The CoH gospel rallies will cater to various groups of people to reflect the multi-cultural landscape of Christianity and the many people groups in Singapore. Different rallies are planned for the English-Speaking group, the Chinese-Speaking group, the Tamil-Speaking Group, Youths (aged 4-14) and their parents, and the Guest workers. Among the invited speakers are Revd Canon J. John, an evangelist from the UK who has spoken in churches and at events in 69 countries; and Pastor Kou Shao En (寇绍恩), a former TV host and Pastor of Christ House Church in Taiwan.

Let us start praying for family members, friends, colleagues and neighbours whom we can engage regularly and invite warmly to hear the good news of the gospel and the blessed hope we have in Jesus Christ. Let us keep this nation-wide evangelistic outreach in fervent prayer as we seek the welfare of our nation. Happy 53rd National Day.



Pastor John