31st January 2010

We have heard all about the disaster in Haiti by now. Huge amount of funds are pledged and slowly pouring into the country. For those who do not know, Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and has experienced political violence throughout its history. The irony is that it is very near a superpower, whose main problem is obesity due to its excesses, and not much help was rendered to help Haiti prior to the earthquake. When a disaster came upon Haiti, there was a sudden interest to help. (Yes, I do appreciate and also grateful for the help that they are giving).

I am not trying to say that if Haiti is rich they would not be affected by the earthquake. They will be. My feel is that the responses by the people may be different.

Let us take a quick look at our spiritual life. What state is it in? Are we living in a false sense of security or are we realistic about our spiritual well being? Have we prepared well to handle all that the devil would hurl at us? Is there a need to come face-to-face with a “spiritual earthquake disaster” before we are shaken into looking for God? Do not take this lightly. In the course of my ministry I had dealt with many who would look for God, and do not know where to look, until a calamity strikes. After they are “healed,” God would lose His place in their lives once again, until the next “calamity” strikes, of course.

Are we so proud as to think that we do not need to “practise” the presence of God? Do not think that there is no necessity to read the bible as there will always be time to do so. When the time comes, you will know how to pray. You really think so? Do not be fooled. It is time to wake up from that slumber and be serious with God which is much more serious than obsession over golf, soccer or sales.

Count our days and be wise. Look at the world and be warned. It is time to stand up for God. 

Once again, the choice is yours.



God bless!