28th February 2010

My friend and I were at a coffee shop catching up with each other, when we were rudely interrupted by cigarette smoke. A smoker had sat in a no-smoking zone and started smoking. We asked him to either stop smoking or go to the smoking section which was quite empty. He lamented that it was hot there as the sun was shinning directly on it. “Well, you have the choice not to smoke,” retorted my friend. The smoker went off grudgingly.

We are not without choices. In life, there are many occasions that we have to make a decision to choose one path over the other. Our choices may at times be informed, uninformed.  They may sometimes be hurried, unhurried, once a while forced, other times, voluntary. Whichever the case, we make choices and pray that we made them well.

In making a choice, we also choose the result. Whether that will be the desired end result is anybody’s guess. This is also the reason many people prefer not to make decisions, not to choose. They avoid it for as long as possible. It will be even better if the need to choose eventually goes away by itself. Yes, that may happen, sometimes. Along with such an escapist mentality come lost opportunities.

Of all the choices that we need to make in life, the most important is to choose life or death – to choose to follow Christ or not to do so. This is one decision that we have to make and the time frame for avoidance is limited. It may even be cut short without notice.

For “Christians” there is the vital choice of making to REALLY honour God or try to explain everything away with well-crafted theological debates. Somewhere in our hearts we know the need to face up to the truth.

So, my friends, make the right choice. Do not delay. Work while is still day, for the night will soon come where no one can work.





God bless!