28 May 2017

Dear family in Christ

A few days ago on Ascension Day (25 May), pastor Bernard Yee baptised an elderly couple. What a great joy it was for the family who have been praying for their parents/grandparents for many years and also for our whole church family. The Lord is gracious and merciful.

We thank the Lord for the wonderful “Parents Day” celebration this weekend. It was such a delight and joy to see many church members honouring and loving their parents and inviting their relatives and friends to hear of God’s unconditional love through Mr Chew Chor Meng’s impactful testimony, meaningful song & dance items and a good lunch fellowship. We pray that the greatest gift that our parents can ever receive would be the gift of eternal life in our Lord Jesus Christ and a reconciled relationship with God.

This weekend is camping time for the Boys Brigade (52J and 59J) and Girls Brigade (52nd, 59th and 31st). We thank the Lord for the faithful committed team of officers and helpers who will oversee the camps and care for the children. Please pray for a meaningful camp filled with good learning, great friendships and enjoyable fun and pray for the children to grow in good character, find purposeful meaning in life and experience the love of God.

Ascension Day brings a message of hope as the people of God await expectantly for the Return of Jesus Christ (see Acts 1:11). Jesus, our loving Messiah and victorious King, is coming back again to bring us home. This is our joyous blessed hope.

In Christ

Pastor John