22 October 2017

Dear family in Christ

Praise God for a fruitful Diocesan Missions Conference. Various speakers spoke from 2 Peter chapter 3 on the theme “None should perish”. We were reminded of God’s faithful compassion for the lost and the imminent Return of Jesus Christ very soon. We were encouraged to hear the tremendous spread and impact of the gospel in recent decades. We were challenged on the urgent gospel mission, being the Spirit-empowered people of God.

I am thankful for SJCp church members who attended the Conference. Hope you are encouraged by the following reflections:

Despite my initial hesitation (“what is this conference all about?”), I was glad to have attended! It allowed me to see the big picture of what God is doing in the Diocese and its deaneries. I was particularly encouraged by the testimonies of the missionaries.” (Elly Chiu)

I’m reminded that disciple-making begins with myself and that I cannot reproduce what  I am not. For this reason, I need to re-examine and build up my spiritual life, so that I can be a better disciple-maker.” (Yap Tuan Bin)

As I reflect on God’s promise of our Lord Jesus Christ’s impending return, I know it is time for me to take a step of faith to come out of my comfort zone, to surrender myself to be used by God for His kingdom purpose. I should hesitate no more, but to avail myself to labour alongside God’s people in the mission field to proclaim his gospel, to love and to care for others.” (Emily Wong)

Time is short. The Return of Jesus Christ is imminent. Let us commit our life to the Lord in advancing the kingdom of God.


Pastor John