21st February 2010

CNY was about the only chance for me to catch up with some television programmes. In one of those “ancient” Cantonese movies, a colloquial phrase set me thinking – “发誓当吃青菜” literally translated making a vow like eating vegetables. It meant not keeping one’s vow and the person is not to be trusted.

There are many people who make their vows before God, more commonly, couples getting married. The question is, how many actually keep their vows? Many vow to change when they are going through a rough spot in life. When things get a little better, their stance changes. After all, God would not mind as He loves us. Isn’t it so?  You may want to think harder.

On the topic of keeping vows, what about the commitments we made before God at our baptism or confirmation? Are we serious about them? Or have we forgotten them? Are we not reminded as we sing and worship God every Sunday? One sad place to look at is the divorce rate among Christians; do you think they were serious about their marriage vows before God? This is especially common in younger people nowadays. Before they get married, they would promise all kinds of things – especially “till death do us part”. Before marriage, differences are complimentary; after marriage, they become irreconcilable. It was Wow and not Vow. This is a very sad trend.

God wants us to honour our vows. That is why He also warned about making vows frivolously. Honouring our vows is God-honouring, because our Yes is Yes and No is No. There are times when honouring the vow means being in a disadvantage. Well, we made that vow and would have to bear the consequences.

You may want to take some time to try to remember all the vows or commitments that you had made all this while. Then go and fulfill those vows. It is good for your soul.




God bless!