20th March 2010

            Many people have written to the press to complain that certain celebrities (those who have recently fell from grace) are bad role models for them and their children. I can only say, served them right for choosing those celebrities as their models. These people are famous for their athletic skills or film making, no one ever said that they are saints. You get what you choose.

            What do we look for when we choose a model? If it is fame and fortune, then you will likely go for the so-called celebrities. After all, they are always in the news and many like to be in the limelight. Then there are those who choose what everybody else is choosing without thinking through.  One day they wake up and realise what a fool they had been.

            But we do need models as we grow, do we not? Yes, and it is vital that we choose the correct ones. Parents, especially fathers, should aspire to be good role models for their children and those around them. If your children model themselves after you, at the least, you would know the minimum standard they would attain. Also, you cannot blame anybody else. Is that perhaps why some do not want to be role models, because you might have to carry the blame yourself?

            As a full-time worker, I hesitate to being a model for anyone. Pastors can fall too, and there are many examples. It is no excuse for all of us, myself included, not to live a life worth imitating. After all, the apostle Paul did exhort the believers to imitate him. But read carefully, he added, ‘…in the way I imitate Christ.’

             The ultimate model we should modelled after is the Lord himself. He will never fail nor disappoint us. But how do we know how he is like? This is why reading and studying the Bible comes in. How often we fall short of reading the bible, then we lament that we do not know God nor His will. He had already revealed Himself in Christ and the Word. If we choose not to study the one book that can lead us to the Lord and keep us in the narrow path, then what are we complaining about?

             The life in Christ is not a difficult life. It is a life of freedom; He promised that. It has its demands, but they are there to prevent us from falling into pitfalls that will destroy our lives.

            Live a life that is worthy of the Gospel and enjoy the freedom that is centred around God. There is no other joy greater or better. Follow Christ, for He is the only model worth following.


God bless!