18 June 2017

Dear family in Christ

What legacy will we leave behind when we finish our earthly journey? Are we just focusing on the material legacy of wealth? It is important to think about leaving a spiritual legacy. As fathers &  mothers, godfathers & godmothers, grandfathers & grandmothers, uncles & aunties and as elder brothers & sisters in God’s big family, we can all be involved in building a rich spiritual legacy in the lives of those whom we have the responsibility and privilege to care for.

As we celebrate Fathers’ Day today, we remember the significant role of the father in leaving a spiritual legacy in the lives of his children. In what ways can the father make a deep spiritual impact?

1. Be a role model by setting a good example in life and instruction.

2. Be a loving disciplinarian to build self-control (self-discipline).

3. Be a godly teacher to teach gently in whole-of-life experiences.

4. Be a Christ-like “priest” to guide the way to God in Christian faith & spiritual life.

If you may have grown up without a good father, may you find healing and love in God our Abba Father. The foundation for good fathering is the emotional healing of the “father” wound in forgiveness, reconciliation and honour. As children of God, we have a firm security in our Abba Father’s love and faithfulness.

Fathers, do not exasperate your children; instead, bring them up in the training and instruction of the Lord.” Ephesians 6:4

Personal reflection: What kind of father (mother) am I to my children?  What spiritual legacy will you leave behind?

In Christ

Pastor John