17 June 2018

Dear church family

We warmly welcome our young friends from Vietnam at our Sunday English service today. They are in Singapore from 15 to 25 June for the Abba English Camp for the purposes of learning English and enjoying Singapore culture and hospitality. Appreciative grateful thanks to many church members who are serving as planning committee members (led by Yun Jing), homestay host families, group leaders, outing chaperons, logistics helpers, English lesson teachers and facilitators. Let us pray for a meaningful camp experience for our Vietnamese guests and may all the camp leaders & helpers be strengthened and encouraged in the Lord.

This past week has been exciting and historic when two well-known political leaders of USA and North Korea met in Singapore on a mission to discuss about world peace and stability. A joint statement was issued and things seem to look good on the surface. How will the promises and events turn out in the near future? Only time will tell. Besides this tension at the Korean Peninsula, there are many other places in the world with ongoing conflicts, political struggles and ethnic & religious tensions. When will peace come upon these troubled areas?

This pursuit of peace in the world reminds me of one very important matter of the need for every person to have peace with God, which is a matter of life and death. The apostle Paul wrote in Romans 5:1  “Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ.” Thanks be to God because of the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, we have peace with God, reconciled to God and enjoy this loving relationship with our Abba Father.

Do you have this peace with God in your heart today?



Pastor John