15 October 2017

Dear family in Christ

It is such a great encouragement to see St John’s Chapel being a missional church. This is reflected in church members being involved in ministry outreach & missions, leaders who are missional in heart & focus, and obedient & generous giving to the Lord in tithing and freewill giving.

In obedience to God’s command to bring the gospel “to the ends of the earth”, St John’s Chapel has been supporting the following in monthly finance and regular prayer: (1) church full-time staff Gerry and Yahui serving at ChiangMai with Deanery of Thailand, (2) SJCp church couple serving with a missions agency focusing on IT support and outreach to refugees, (3) church planting work focusing on the Komering people in Indonesia, and (4) Deborah Loh serving with Overseas Missionary Fellowship for church planting work in Thailand (wef Nov’17).

In addition to the above monthly missions support, we have given one-time gifts in 2017 for the following: (a) post-earthquake Church rebuilding project in Deanery of Nepal, (2) Anglican Boarding school for displaced Myanmar children, (3) South Sudan famine, and (4) SJCp youths on SERVE program (Jan-Mar’17).

Our grateful thanks to those who have given generous freewill givings to the Missions Fund this year. As at 30 September 2017, our Missions Fund is at a deficit of $44,659. I write to appeal to St John’s Church community to consider giving a one-time gift (or regular giving over the next few months) towards the Missions Fund. As the Lord enables you, any amount will go a long way to reduce this deficit. Missions-giving envelopes are available at the church entrance table. Meanwhile, I would also like to encourage church members to continue returning the Lord His tithe as an act of obedience and worship unto God.

In Christ

Pastor John