13th March 2010

Many celebrities have fallen prey to infidelity recently. One of them is a famous local film director. The newspapers have had a field day with all these and chased the news to the logical end in order to sell as many newspapers as possible.

What stood out among the three cases – T, T and J – were the reactions of their respective wives. As far as I know only J’s wife forgave him. My admiration for this lady’s action is derived from the fact that forgiving someone’s infidelity is never an easy thing to do.

When the news of J’s infidelity broke out, many behaved like sharks smelling blood, especially the news reporters. Many such people went out to dig more dirt. They cannot wait to hear more “juicy” details. Truth and lies spurn up everywhere. All these happened without due regard to J’s family. Even Christians have joined in the stone-throwing.

We, Christians, should not busy ourselves in the folly of others. When all of us stop getting excited about “bad” news, then such news will not get that big a coverage. It will make it easier for the fallen to rise up again, instead of fading out into oblivion.

We should instead busy ourselves in the well-being of a fellow man and his family. There are too many broken families already; we do not need another. Support and encouragement are needed, not heaping on more insults. J’s wife did a wonderful thing; did we focus on that? Did we highlight that forgiveness which will help heal the rift in the family? Was prayer even offered unto God to strengthen the family and help them weather the storm? Unfortunately, NO!

My brothers and sisters in Christ, let me remind you that the merciful shall receive mercy. The bible also exhorts us to think and dwell on all that is good, and stay far away from all that is evil. Keep this in mind.




God bless!