13 May 2018

Dear church family

Despite the commercial hype surrounding Mother’s Day, it is good to remember and appreciate all mothers (and fathers too) for all their love, care and sacrifice. The recent serious illness and hospitalisation of my mother brought some reflections concerning growing old and reaching the end of life’s journey. In the Fifth Commandment, the Lord commanded his people to “honour your father and your mother”.

SPEND TIME with your parents: A church member sent me a video this week about a daughter who was too busy at her work to spend time with her elderly father. She arranged for a time to meet a month later. A few weeks passed and one day, she received a call. She rushed to the hospital emergency, but was too late to say her goodbyes to her father. The best expression of love and honour is to spend time with those whom we treasure and love, for tomorrow may never come.

FORGIVE your parents:  It is a reality of life that our parents are imperfect, just as we ourselves are imperfect. Everyone needs the grace and mercy of God. If you are still holding hurts, resentment and bitterness in your heart towards your parents for what they had done (or what they did not do), may you find grace and strength in the Lord to forgive them. Let restoration, peace and joy come upon every parent-child relationship.

PRAY for your parents’ Salvation:  The greatest “gift” we can share with our parents is the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, and God’s gracious gift of eternal life. Some of you have been praying and sharing for many years. Press on, do not lose heart and keep on praying. By the grace and mercy of God, we look forward to that joyous day of salvation in the hearts of your parents.



Pastor John