10 September 2017

Dear family in Christ

During my wife’s hospitalisation last week for her Transient Ischemic Attack, a family from our church visited her. The children in this family lovingly made a gift of a glass bottle filled with bright twinkling lights and wrote a card with these words “Trust in the Lord, be strong, take heart.”  The Lord graciously used these 8 words in encouraging us and lifting up our spirits and hearts in the Lord. (By the way, my wife switched on the twinkling lights that whole night, bringing much cheer to the other 5 stroke patients in her hospital ward.)

If you are facing painful difficulties in your life now or struggling in the dark valley of sorrow and helplessness, I pray that these 8 words will also encourage you in the Lord by:

  • Deepening your Faith (“trust in the Lord”): Rest securely in the unfailing love and bountiful grace of God. We place complete trust in our loving Shepherd who holds our hand and walks with us through the valley.
  • Strengthening your Heart (“be strong”): Rest calmly in the almighty power and comforting peace of God. We find renewed strength in our powerful Creator who holds our life in his sovereign hand and leads us through the pain.
  • Refreshing your Hope (“take heart”): Rest confidently in the safe refuge and faithful help of God. We have a blessed hope in our resurrected Saviour who has given us eternal life and we await expectantly for His glorious Return.

Trust in the Lord, be strong, take heart.”

In Christ

Pastor John