1 July 2018

Dear church family

 Youth Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of July in Singapore. The children and youths are very happy, because the next day will be a school holiday, resulting in a long weekend and a wonderful time of rest and play. Our youths face many challenges in their growing years, such as the pressure of education, the pleasure of social media, the diversity of temptations, the rise of secularism, the shifting of values etc. There is a gradual increasing number of youths struggling with mental illness, depression, pornography, materialism, etc.

As God’s people in community together, it is important to come alongside the youths in our church in their discipleship journey. Let me suggest some practical ways.

  1. PRAY: Remember the youths in fervent prayer at our personal devotions and corporate prayer times. May they have the fear of the Lord and committed love for Jesus.
  1. ENCOURAGE: Youths need lots of encouragement and guidance as they grow in their Christian faith and Christlike character, and as they cope with struggles in life.
  1. MODEL: As we live and model the life of committed discipleship, it is a wonderful example and exemplary encouragement to the youths.
  1. DISCIPLE: Make time to disciple a group of youths to help them grow in their discipleship journey and also train them to disciple others.

Singapore Youth for Christ has this motto when reaching out to youths for Jesus: “If we do not win their hearts (for Christ) today, they will break our hearts tomorrow.”



Pastor John