From the Pastor's Desk

1 May 2016

I asked a colleague how his church was coming along. He told me of the things they did and could not do. I realized that the pattern of the things that they could not do was due to a common phrase by his PCC: “No budget, no money.” I asked him if the ministry was important why finances were not allocated. Again, the infamous “no budget, no money.” As such, many opportunities to bring people... [Read more]


Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

freshly varnished flooring … ….  clear projection … smooth bass-y sound system TA-DAH! Check out our newly renovated Patmos Hall after months of planning, weeks of manual hardwork and loads of cleaning, our Patmos Hall now has a new look! Praise GOD oooh… the carvings on the altar table are the same as those in the Sanctuary Well almost all in the Patmos Hall is new…... [Read more]