From the Pastor's Desk

15 April 2018

Dear church family I like to highlight three church events, which I pray and encourage the whole church community to join our hearts and hands together. Giving an account at Annual General Meeting (22 April): The church AGM is a good time to see the “big picture” of church life and also a spiritual time to understand what God is doing in and through St John’s Chapel for the past one year. We... [Read more]


1st Qtr 2018

Sermon topics – Jan to Mar 2018 January Preacher Topic Scripture – / 7 Rev John Lin  Remember the Lord your God Deut 8:1-20; Matt  22:34-40 13 / 14 Rev John Lin #1   In the Beginning, God Genesis 1:1-5 20 / 21 Rev John Lin #2   The Creator and his Creation Genesis 1:1-27; John 1:1-5 27 / 28 Rev John Lin #3  Creation of Man and Woman Genesis 2:4-25 February 3... [Read more]