From the Pastor's Desk

25 January 2015

After a year of celebrating and taking stock of God’s faithfulness to us, it is good for us to ask another question, ‘Where do we go from here?’ We can be justifiably proud that we have consistently punched above our weight. The Christians before us have kept the faith, run the race, and fought the good fight. We have taken the baton from them and taken it further. We... [Read more]


Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

freshly varnished flooring … ….  clear projection … smooth bass-y sound system TA-DAH! Check out our newly renovated Patmos Hall after months of planning, weeks of manual hardwork and loads of cleaning, our Patmos Hall now has a new look! Praise GOD oooh… the carvings on the altar table are the same as those in the Sanctuary Well almost all in the Patmos Hall is new…... [Read more]