From the Pastor's Desk

28 June 2015

During one of our staff devotions, a question came up: What is the church? We know for sure it is not the building or facilities. It is the people. But if we stop, we are left with a vague understanding: If the church is just a collection of people, then what makes us different from community clubs and associations? Ask 10 people, and you will get 15 viewpoints on what a church ought... [Read more]


Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

Our newly renovated Patmos Hall

freshly varnished flooring … ….  clear projection … smooth bass-y sound system TA-DAH! Check out our newly renovated Patmos Hall after months of planning, weeks of manual hardwork and loads of cleaning, our Patmos Hall now has a new look! Praise GOD oooh… the carvings on the altar table are the same as those in the Sanctuary Well almost all in the Patmos Hall is new…... [Read more]